Cutting with scissors

Care and safety

Stitched line Scissors and stitching


Our Keepsake Blankets and Memory Cushions (remove the inner) can be machine washed but please take care to do this on a cool delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry as they are made from various types of fabrics/clothing, so we cannot guarantee how they will turn out after washing.

We do not advise machine washing any other keepsake items. We would suggest carefully sponge cleaning to remain any marks or using a sticky lint roller.


Please note that whilst our creations may be attractive to children, they are not toys and children should not be left alone with them.

Our keepsakes are handmade and designed to be loved and cherished. We advise that you do not leave a child to sleep under the keepsake blankets. Our memory cushions should be used as decoration and not for babies or children to sleep on.

Our keepsake items cannot be CE tested as they are made from your preloved clothes and therefore testing is not possible. However fire retardant stuffing is used and we use safety eyes on our keepsake animals and dolls.

Crescent Creations does not accept any liability for any misuse of the Keepsakes or Creations.

By sending your preloved clothing to Crescent Creations, you are giving full permission for the clothing to be cut and transformed into a Keepsake for you to treasure forever.

Cutting with scissors